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Psychology Core Faculty



Tim ShahanTim Shahan

Location:  EDUC 499
Office Phone:  435-770-7619
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Research Interests: Operant conditioning, attending,, conditioned reinforcement, behavioral persistence, drug self-administration, drug cues, quantitative analyses of behavior


Catalin BuhshiCatalin V. Buhusi

EDUC 497/ USTAR 304
Office Phone:  435-797-7337
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Research is relevant to psychopathology ranging from Intellectual Disabilities, to Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s Disease, and Huntington’s Disease.


Mona BuhushiMona C. Buhusi

EDUC 424 / USTAR 304
Office Phone:  (435) 797-8974
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Research Interests: Understanding the pathogenesis of neuropsychiatric disorders in which neuronal wiring is abnormal, such as mental retardation or schizophrenia, and the first step towards the development of new therapies that would help neuronal rewiring after various insults or after neuronal grafting.


kerry JordanKerry Jordan

Location:  EDUC 473
Office Phone:  435-797-2797

Research Interests:
Cognitive development, multisensory processing, nonverbal cognition, category and concept representation, object based attention, numerical cognition, temporal perception, comparative cognition