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Neuroscience at Utah State University 

 Educational Neuroscience

This focus area is designed to apply the principles of behavioral, cognitive, and biological neuroscience to core problems in education related to cognition, socialization, learning, and/or teaching... Read more

 Lifespan Neuroscience

This focus area will emphasize the study of changes in central and peripheral nervous system structures from infancy to late adulthood with corresponding effects on behavior in domains such as cognition, language and emotion.  This focus area includes the neuroscience of movement and how the motor system interacts with sensory, perception, and cognitive systems... Read more

 Translational Neuroscience

This focus area emphasizes understanding the signal transduction pathways underlying neurophysiological function in normal and disease states at the molecular, cellular, tissue, system, and organism levels. Students will understand trans-disease processes related to core brain functions that are required for appropriate behavioral regulation, attention, memory, and decision-making... Read more