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Kinesiology and Health Sciences (Pathokinesiology Specialization) Core Faculty



Breanna StudenkaBreanna Studenka

Location:  HPER 144
Office Phone:  435-797-0109
Fax:  435-797-3759
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Breanna Studenka, PhD – Dr. Studenka specializes in pathokinesiology.  She conducts research on how humans plan for and control movements that occur in sequence, including rhythmic timing, planning of grasping for object manipulation and joint-action, and continuous sensory-motor coupling. Her current research includes movement timing related to visual control and stuttering, the role of social/contextual factors on characteristics of movement variability, and potential therapeutic interventions for persons with movement disorders specifically related to control of sequential, timed movement (Parkinson’s Disease). 

Sydney SchaeferSydney Schaefer

Location:  HPER 142
Office Phone:  435-797-8441
Fax:  435-797-3759
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Sydney Schaefer, PhD – Dr. Schaefer’s research focuses on how the human nervous system learns and executes motor skills, and relearns existing ones during motor recovery following neural damage.  Dr. Schaefer and her team use noninvasive, behavioral techniques to study the control and learning of functional upper extremity movements, such as reaching, grasping, and object manipulation, as well as balance and posture. Findings from this research provide much-needed evidence for neurorehabilitation in geriatric populations with a number of movement disorders.